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Photo credit: Kommando Kunst / Florian Paulus
Photo credit: Kommando Kunst / Florian Paulus

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    Strong partners for Tucherpark

    For Hines and Commerz Real, Tucherpark is a project close to both their hearts. Together, they are pursuing a strategy of long-term development for this special area.


    Hines Real Estate

    Hines is a private property investment company that was founded in 1957 and today has locations in 240 cities across 27 countries worldwide. Hines manages a portfolio of around €132.7 billion* Assets under Management, of which €67.4 million as Investment Manager and €65.3 million with a total area of over 16.1 mill. m² as external service provider.

    *Covers both the AuM of Hines worldwide and the managed wealth as a Registered Investment Adviser.

    Since opening its Germany location in 1991, Hines has acquired or developed a total of 61 properties with a total area of over 2.5 million m², including well-known buildings like the Maintower in Frankfurt or the Südkreuz area of Berlin. Hines has been active in Munich since around the year 2000. Projects such as the Hofstatt or, currently, Aer in Neuperlach highlight the heritage and values of founder Gerald D. Hines which the company still stands for today, namely a sustainable and respectful approach to history and substance whilst still ensuring the highest standards of quality, innovation and architecture.


    Commerz Real

    Commerz Real, a Commerzbank Group company, has almost 50 years of market experience and manages a volume of around €35 billion. It combines comprehensive asset management know-how and broad structuring expertise with its characteristic range of non-cash fund products and individual financing solutions. Its range of funds includes the open-ended property fund Hausinvest, the first ever private investor fund with a focus on material assets, Klimavest, institutional investment products and corporate participations under the CFB Invest brand, with non-cash investments focused on regenerative energies and property. As a leasing service provider for the Commerzbank Group, Commerz Real also offers property leasing concepts tailored to investor needs, as well as individual financial structuring solutions for non-cash investments like property and infrastructure projects.

    Commerz Real has a specific goal of becoming a sustainable digital asset manager, and acts according to the motto “We create sustainable living environments. Achieving success through responsibility”.



    Launched in 1972, hausInvest is one of the oldest open-ended property funds in Germany. Some 800,000 private German investors use the fund to invest in high-quality properties in outstanding locations in emerging metropolises and mid-sized cities in Germany, Europe, the USA and Australia. With a volume these days of €16.6 million, it is also the second-largest open-ended property fund in Germany. As one of the first ever open-ended property funds in Germany, hausInvest satisfies the EU disclosure requirements for a financial product with environmental characteristics.